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Step Right Up to Collect New Brooks!

March 19, 2010

Wonder what her cadence is?

Once again, a hearty response to the Wednesday giveaway: sounds like we got you thinking about your cadence–and in the case of Christine, we got her out the door (yay for you! yay for us!). Like I said before, 90 steps per foot per minute just a suggestion; plenty of runners have no issues, injury or otherwise, running at a less rapid cadence, so don’t go and get all obsessive (read: like a typical runner) about it. I’m very confident you already have enough to do and/or worry about. Just pull it out of your very tiny key pocket when you need something to think about on a run or if your form feels clunky.

Jen, from Corgi Pants (short + sweet), won the pair of Brooks. Her birthday present to herself last week–a belated happy birthday!–was a new pair of shoes, complete  with a gait analysis, to replace her former kicks, a pair of Brooks she bought at a garage sale. I’m all for reusing–I’m not sure how I would’ve furnished my house if it wasn’t for Craigslist–but second-hand running shoes, used for actual running (and not gardening or zoo walking), makes me think twice. I need as much new, fresh plush as possible. We’re hoping Jen will stash her new pair and pull them out when her current pair goes flat.

I’m confident Jen won’t get too worried about achieving a 90 steps-per-minute cadence. She writes: Hahaha! 90, that’s funny! I am a super-slogger, at 5′9″ and on the heavy side. This morning I counted 74. Which is just fine by me, I enjoy myself, am injury free and not in a race with anyone but the sun. 🙂

Injury-free, even with second-hand shoes? I’m jealous. But I’m so heartened by the very thoughtful and helpful responses I received from my injury-centric post  on Monday. Thank you.

This weekend, run off any green beer you have lingering in your systems. If anybody out there is taking on the Canyonlands half-marathon in Moab, enjoy the amazing scenery. And no matter where you run, revel in the unique perspective running brings to your world.

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  1. Kelly Witty permalink
    March 21, 2010 9:38 am

    For entertainment reasons only, I decided to count my steps. This was a challenging move for me 1) because that involves counting and watching a stopwatch 2) I had to concentrate and remember to ONLY count the left foot 3) I wanted to “succeed” at something I had never ever cared about before. Well, I tried this for a number of times, and even attempted to “cheat” by timing the start of the task with a left footed step and making sure I ended with a left step. And yes, it was the left foot each time because I held my iPhone in my right hand so if I counted and paid attention to my right foot I, in my crazy can’t run a straight line way likely would have fallen into a ditch or snowbank. Back to the task at hand. I could NOT get past 88 without looking like I was running vertical, you know…like when little kids sprint and they do that funny hand chop scissor hands and high knees but don’t go forward….oh, and get this-I could get closer to 90 going up an incline. What’s up with that? So, I decided 86-88 feels normal and natural and only if I get really bored with myself will I count again. Okay, I bet I check all the time now but I won’t say it outloud, just in print. Thanks for the fun little “exercise” ladies!

  2. March 21, 2010 8:53 pm

    I ran Canyonlands this weekend! Amazing scenery indeed… almost enough to keep our minds distracted from the downright chilly weather.

  3. March 22, 2010 4:51 am

    Great Post!! Changing the demands placed on the body is often the cause of injury. Changing demands can involve simply changing the surface you run on, or changing the shoes that you run in. Large changes to activity can often lead to problematic episodes of injury. It is recommended that you have your gait analysed before you embark upon any of these changes, so that you can get some sound professional advice to reduce the risk of injury. Good luck to Jen!

  4. March 22, 2010 4:33 pm

    Thanks so much! I figure if I alternate two pairs of shoes, they’ll both last twice as long! My garage sale shoes served me well for my first 10 months of running. Amazing, I know! But I am committed to taking care of my feet and legs now with good shoes, chosen with assistance from my favorite sport shoe store, Body ‘n’ Sole, now that I am running longer and faster. Thanks again!

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