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RLAM’ing around the Rockies: A Week in Pics

April 19, 2010

The journey of thousands of miles--and words.

What a fulfilling, gratifying week. Honestly, I felt like Dorothy in Oz, but only the good parts (no scary monkeys or “I’ll get you, my pretty!” moments, thankfully). I clicked my heels–or floored my minivan, more accurately–and hit the yellow brick road otherwise known as I-25.

Meeting so many strong, vibrant women and hearing their stories about parenting, running and other life adventures are memories that I’ll have forever. I met Jen, who is pregnant with her third on the Denver fun run, who quoted me back to me (a pinch-me moment for a writer) when we were talking about how you can only do three things well in your life at once, a fact I mentioned in the post-pregnancy chapter. (And truth be told, I was quoting Oprah, who probably won’t get the same rush if she found out I quoted her.) I met Laura, who is running Boston today (go, Laura, go!) after recently being treated for cancer. I met Gladys, a woman originally from Venezuela, who joined our fun run after five months of injury-induced rest. I even caused Kelly to cry (the good kind of tears, I hope).

But an extended period away from home means my to-do list is ridiculous, my fridge is empty and my kids need attention. (Ben asked today if I was going to write another “Run Mother” book. I asked why he was wondering. “I don’t want you to,” he replied. Point taken.). So instead of writing too much, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Plus, if you’re like me, you occasionally appreciate a sparse use of words. At the library, Ben, currently a train addict, pulls out these tomes on the history of locomotives. “Too many words,” I say, imagining the 10,000-word opus becoming his favorite and my reading it daily for 2 weeks straight, “Find one with more pictures.”

Some friends who toasted to RLAM. Organized by Bine, second from left in front row, who did Ironman Arizona last fall, and Katherine, second from right in front row, who trained with me for a half-marathon even though she wasn't racing. Both are way more ambitious than I'll ever be, but I love living vicariously through them.

Small but determined Santa Fe crowd, including Miriam, Laura her daughter, Taylor, me, Stephanie, and John, owner of The Running Hub.

Laura, a cancer survivor, and her daughters. Taylor, in the striped band, ran the 5k with us, no prob. Her sister, Taylor says, "Only runs for chocolate." Totally acceptable reason.

A long-time friend Faith, in the brown, and her business partner, Sara, who own The Glowing Boutique in Albuquerque, a shop with clothes so cute, it almost (but only almost) makes me want to be preggo again.

The youngest audience member, I think: Sara, who was just one month. Adorable. Her mom drove 50 miles to see me at Maria's Book Store in Durango. Thank you!

Troopers of the tour award goes to the Durango runners--and their two piglets--who rallied despite snow on a Tuesday morning.

My friend Amy, in blue, and her posse. Amy makes a few appearances in RLAM, including in a tale about losing her key on a trail run, a $3,000 mistake.

My old 'hood moms, from L to R: Kristen, who recently signed up for her first triathlon; Kat, who is (finally) rebouding from a crazy Achilles tear; Karen, who chases after one of the most active boys I know; and Stephanie, who is taking on the Pikes Peak Marathon this August.

Jessica, who pushed a double stroller for the Co Springs run, loved how flat the path was. She's used to hitting hills just outside her door. Pushing two kids. No wonder she looks so strong.

The regular Wednesday night group--plus some RLAM'ers--at the Colorado Running Company.

Reading at The Tattered Cover in Denver. Best Friday night I've had in a long time. (Truth be told, I'm usually parked on the couch, watching What Not to Wear.)

Signing books at The Tattered Cover for Carly, a new friend who had just come from yoga, and Whitney, a fellow tall mom.

At the Boulder Book Store; note Ben onthe left side. Clearly, he's very interested in what I have to say, and will sit quietly for 40 minutes or so. Not.

Fleet feeters in Boulder, where the 5k route was hilly and lovely.

Time to click my heels three times and get back to reality…or at least plan more RLAM stops.

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  1. April 19, 2010 5:31 am

    I know it’s a trek…but we would love, love, love to have you in Cleveland!!!

  2. April 19, 2010 6:32 am

    Sounds and looks awesome… coming out East? DC is beautiful this time of the year!

    • April 19, 2010 6:52 pm

      Hey Jen–SBS will be in and around Annapolis for the Zooma race, which is on June 6. Check “The Tour” part of this site soon for updates.

  3. April 19, 2010 6:58 am

    I love your “floored the mini-van” comment! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I can imagine how hard it is to come home, though, and have so much to attend to–I get out of sorts when I’m out of the house for a day, much less as much as you have traveled.

  4. April 19, 2010 7:20 am

    Looks like you had a great time. I’m really hoping you’ll extend the book tour…and at least get close to north AL!! 😀

  5. April 19, 2010 10:16 am

    Thanks so much for sharing your Friday night with Denver fans Dimity! And, yes, those were definitely GOOD tears — shared by all my running mom friends there who were touched by the story about your daughter. They couldn’t wait to dive into your book…

  6. April 19, 2010 7:07 pm

    Love the pictures!!! I knew the book would be a great success! It looks like all the moms were thrilled to meet you!!!

  7. Karen permalink
    April 19, 2010 8:18 pm

    I love the look on Ben’s face during your talk…if he’s anything like my Ben, he is about to reveal some terrible truth about you that you didn’t even know he knew. 🙂

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