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A Perfect Summer: Cupcakes, Beaches and Running

May 14, 2010

A good plan for rainy summer day: making these. If only we had the recipe.

Can I please be one of your kids–or at least have your motivation? Because you guys have some great plans–camping, beaching, DQ’ing, playing tag, swimming, gardening–for the summer. Lots of triathlons and half-marathons in the works (a perfect length race, in my book: you have to stay on top of training, but it doesn’t dominate your weekends; and on race day, you can settle into a nice, steady, not-too-taxing pace). Some injury healing going on (o.k., I’ll slowly slink over to that group) and lots of round bellies out there, with piglets due this summer or soon thereafter. Jealous of you teachers out there; yes, I know you work your asses off for 9 months (and I admire and respect you beyond belief), but those 3 months off sound really nice.

Sarah and I have been scheming a bit for our summer plans, adding to our RLAM tour. I’m headed to the Midwest in early June, and will be hitting Minnesota (Duluth, Wayzata, and Minneapolis: all three have readings + runs), Milwaukee and Chicago, while Sarah is winging east. First to Annapolis in early June for the Zooma race (and lots of stops in and around it), then back in early July to visit NYC, Connecticut, Boston and a couple other stops, including Colgate, our alma mater. We’d love to meet as many of you as possible, so pen us in your calendar if you’re somewhat local. Extra points if you can show up in Hamilton, NY on July 1 for her reading. (What you get with those extra points? TBD.)

Our random winner this week is Ashley, who has 3 kids; her youngest, according to Sugar Britches, where she chronicles her extraordinary Arkansas life, just turned 2. Recently, Ashley lost 25 pounds with running and diet changes–but she still has her sweet tooth, as evidenced by this taunt for her recipe for scrumptious Sour Cream Brownie Cupcakes.

Her summer plans? Relax. Lay in the sun. Swim with the kids. Sleep late (well later than usual). And get dirty. Oh and run. A lot.

Sounds like a plan to me, but first I have another. Ashley: trade you an Asics certificate for your brownie cupcake recipe. You in?

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  1. May 14, 2010 10:54 am

    Y’all need to swing down South, say, oh, I don’t know, around the end of January for the Houston Marathon!!!! Come on, ladies, the race is great…half & whole, just waiting for you…
    Okay, really, I’m inspired to plan my summer, too, being that it’s ALMOST HERE!!!! So far nothing majorly exciting here – lots of swimming, biking, treadmill running…I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the track more with the kids being out of school. Every once in a while I just don’t want to plan, and I’m thinking this may be one of those summers. There IS, however, a great soccer camp that my daughters like to do. Guess what I do while they kick away? Kick away. On the street. All around where they play soccer. It’s great. Everybody’s happy. Speaking of, gotta get my 6 on the TM – grad dinner in New Orleans tonight…

  2. May 14, 2010 11:29 am

    I am so excited!!!! Thank you RLAM ladies, y’all just made my day!

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