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June 24, 2010

Jamie wearing a smile (and signature Bondi Band) in the super-sweaty 2010 Madison Marathon

We’ve been delighting in the sassy style of Jamie Edge, almost 30, of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, since she answered the survey for Run Like a Mother last year. If you don’t already follow her Running Diva Mom blog, you should.


Best recent run: My long training runs. Several pedestrian paths have been paved and connected over the last year, making it much easier to travel all over our town on foot. The time goes by quickly when I’m covering new ground and discovering new places, including parks and playgrounds. I love finding new running routes, as well as places to take my children to play.

Why I’m diva-licious: When I was looking for a name for my blog, I wanted something that encompassed all areas of my life. I love fashion, running, and obviously my children. I really love bringing all pieces of my life together and it makes me happy being surrounded by the things I love. My cubicle at work is filled with miniature shoes, splashes of pink flowers, and photos of my children. I love when someone stops by my office and they ask for an update on my children or ask about a recent race I participated in. I wanted people to stop by my blog and immediately know who I am there as well. It’s funny how a fun pair of pumps at the office adds a bounce to my step and a fun, coordinated running outfit can add some attitude to my running stride. I think that Running Diva Mom represents who I am and who I will be for quite some time.

Juggling tips: When I am training for a marathon, I print out my training schedule and also pull out my personal calendar (Yes, I still keep a paper calendar!). Then I work backwards from race day and plan the runs around life, writing them down like any other appointment on my calendar. This way I was able to fit in a 22-mile training run on Mother’s Day this year, even with my daughter’s dance recital that afternoon! My husband races, too, and actually finished his first Ironman last year. Usually, his training is even more intense than mine. All that I can suggest is to communicate: Let your spouse know when you need to train and for how long. Life gets very tricky when you just assume your spouse knows when you want to head out the door for a run at 8 p.m. and there are still two kids to bathe and put to bed.

Goal for fall marathon? I finished my second marathon earlier this year on a “closed course” due to extreme (hot) weather conditions. Although I finished within my time goal, I can only imagine how much better I can perform under better conditions. I’m racing my next marathon this fall with my hubby. My goal for my next 26.2 mile journey is to shave another ten minutes off of my personal record–and to have fun! Most of my marathon race photos show me smiling, and I had enough energy to greet and wave to my friends and family who were cheering me on. I believe my high spirits were what carried me through a tough day. I hope my next journey is equally as enjoyable. After all, if it’s not fun, why do it?!

Agony of the feet: Unfortunately, my love for high heels has caused me to have bulging bunions on the sides of my feet, and I also suffer from ingrown toenails. I have also been known to lose a few toenails after my marathons, and it looks like the same ones are going to be MIA after a recent race. Alas, I have no advice on how to survive the curse of ugly, aching feet. I am stubborn and have not given up the patent leather heels just yet. For now, I try to cover up my black toenails with dark nail polish. And, I’ve heard I should go up a half-size in my running shoes.

I’m into Bondi-age: After I had my second child, I decided to get the “mommy ’do,” lopping off about 16” of my hair. Missing my ponytail, I stuffed my short mop into baseball caps. But I had problems with headaches during my runs. At the expo of my first marathon (Chicago 2008), I found the Bondi Band booth and bought a band. Little did I know what that one little purchase would turn into! Now I have dozens of them. I love how functional and fuss-free they are, keeping my hair out of my face and the sweat out of my eyes. The diva in me also loves having one to go with every one of my running outfits. When my son was 18 months old, one of the few words he said was, “Bondi Band,” and he insisted on wearing one whenever I took him on a run!

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Jamie and her two kiddies at Girls on the Run 5K

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 24, 2010 12:36 pm

    I love love my Bondi Bands (although I only have 2 not dozens). I also keep a paper schedule (I think more people do than would probably admit).

    And this is one of my favorite running blogs. 🙂 And mommy blogs.

  2. Kathy A permalink
    June 28, 2010 8:06 am

    Bondi bands are just what I have been looking for. I just ordered two and they shipped them the same day I ordered them. What service!

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