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Your Chance to Be a Model Runner!

May 2, 2011

You, yes, YOU could have your photo in September issue of this gorgeous mag!

This is your chance at the big times, ladies! Alas, no, not a chance to run with Kara Goucher or film a love scene with Jon Hamm, but pretty exciting nonetheless: Whole Living magazine (owned by Martha Stewart)  is looking to feature runners and runner/walkers from our wonderful tribe for a fall fitness story (written by SBS). It’ll be a photo shoot sometime in May done onLong Island.

 Here’s what the editors are looking for:

–Runners and runner/walkers of all backgrounds and abilities, ages 20s thru 50s. NY-area residents only. (We can’t stress this enough!)

–BONUS: People who run/walk with friends! If you want to submit you and your friends for consideration, make sure you tell us their names as well as your own (and send us a photo of you all together!).


Please send the following to (Please don’t “enter” in the comments section–the editors are choosing the real-women models.)

 -1 or 2 jpg photos (and be sure it’s clear who YOU are in the photo)
-Your full name
-Your age
-Your occupation/a little about you
-How long you’ve been running (or run/walking) and what you love about it. (A few lines is more than enough)

The editors want you to know they appreciate ALL your submissions, but may not be able to respond to every one. (And, please, they don’t have the doll-hairs to fly gals out for photo shoot, so you really need to live in the area and be able to get yourself to shoot.) Thank you in advance for your interest, and please spread the word to all your NYC-area running and walking friends!

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