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Other Mother Runners


Our mission with Run Like A Mother stretches way beyond selling books. We want to create a solid, virtual community–we hope that’s not an oxymoron–through a site that mimics the feeling we get when we stand around with our running friends, post-workout, chatting and laughing and generally feeling amazing.

To that end, we had over 100 running mothers contribute to our book, lending advice on everything from whether or not they run with their husbands to how they deal with their period on race-day. Many of those mothers are listed in the Other Mother Runners, from Anna to Zoe, directly to the right.  (The first letter of their first name corresponds with their page, kinda like how kids books are structured.) The runner’s blogs or websites, if they have one, are linked to their names.

We’d love to include you to our growing tribe. If you’re interested, send us:
1. Your name (we’ll only include your first name on the site)
2. A .jpg of yourself (totally your call whether or not you want the kiddos in it or not)
3. The number of kids you have
4. A blog or website, if you’d like it linked.
5. Something about your running experience. (Ideas: my favorite workout or place to run; why I run like a mother; how running changed my life; why I dread the ‘mill…you get the idea.)
6. If your first initial isn’t up yet, our semi-fried brains will happily take any recommendations you have for your letter’s adjective.

Send that info to runmother [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll get ‘er up there asap.

Wishing you many happy miles–
Dimity + Sarah