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H is for happier, healthier moms

Mother of: 2
I discovered running: when our youngest was 4 months old. I remember nursing her one night, thinking Oh. My. God!  Not only are my boobs huge, but so is my belly!  I had always been active, but was never a runner. So I signed up for the Phoenix Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and had eight months to train for it.  I was committed.  It was on my calendar. I finished, feeling great. Now I have Hippie Chick Half, Helvetia and several other races on the docket.



Mother of: 3
Without running: I’d be an emotional mess, it’s safe to say. I wonder why it took me so long to find it. Given my enough-is-rarely-enough personality, I’m so happy I’ve found this healthy outlet. My family is grateful, too, I’m sure.


Mother of: 2 baby boys
Running (and now triathlons): teaches me something new about myself every single time. I never knew the strength and determination I had hidden deep down inside of me until I started running and racing. And that carries over into every part of my life, making me a better mom and woman!


Mother of: 3 young sons
I run: because it makes me feel strong and like I can do anything. I’d do anything to get a run in. Wake up at 5am? Sure.



Mother of: 3 girls
In January: My youngest was diagnosed with leukemia. When I’m getting tired, and considering bailing on a run, I think of my daughter. She’s so tough, she never complains about her treatments… and I’m whining because I’m tired? Shut up and run, chick.
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