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R is for revved-up moms

Mother of: 1
I love to race because:  It keeps me focused. Plus, who doesn’t love doing speedwork with hundreds of their closest friends?


Ruth Anne
Mother of: 2
My last run was: 10 minutes ago.  It was a clear night lit by a full moon.


Mother of: 2*
*One is off, devising Randi’s marathon training plan.
I am: training for the Omaha marathon in late September. Previously, running always seemed too much for me. Now I realize it’s just what I need: time for me to be by myself and just do something good.


Mother of: 2
I run: because I love chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream, because it keeps me from feeling like a crazy person, because I love how my body looks and feels after a run, because it makes me feel strong and clears my head, because I was never athletic as a kid and always wanted to be, and because I want to set an example for my kids–something I never had.

Mother of: 2
I run: because most days I feel like running out the door screaming, so I bought some running shoes hoping I’d get further faster.


Mother of: 3
I love: when my two year old sees me in my running shorts she says “mommy go for run?” Plus, I never thought I could run more than 2 miles and last year, at age 37, I did a ½ marathon. Now I’m training for my second.


Mother of: 4
I run because: I feel like I AM an athlete— and not a super-slow one either! I love that I am active, healthy, and at a healthy weight.


Mother of: 1
My supportive friends and family: are sponsoring me in dimes for every mile I run between Jan 1 and my half marathon on April 10, 2011. I’ll blog about it all the way to 200 miles!

Randee and Angie
Mother(s) of: 4 (2 each)
The name of our blog (the bitchy runners) came about: because we both tend to do quite a bit of bitching as we run. This is our form of therapy!


Mother of: 3 boys
My boys may learn from watching me lace up my shoes every day: Running is a lot cheaper than therapy.

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