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D is for determined moms

Mother of: 1
I race: to be a part of a team, to raise awareness for a cause. To be with friends and show support for different accomplishments. To run in someone’s memory. To run for time. To run to support a friends first race. To try a new distance for myself.



Mother of: 1.5
My last run was: two weeks ago, unfortunately. I’m pregnant with my second and battling morning sickness.  It sucks out all of my energy.  But I hope to start running again soon; I want to run throughout my pregnancy.



Mother of: 2
On the day my daughter was born: I pushed my son seven miles. Now I love hills and trails. Up up up is a nice way to go.*
*Time to start heading up: she won the inaugural 2009 Santa Barbara International Marathon (2:52:23).



Mother of: 2
I am: a 40-year-old recovering couch potato who just got off her duff in January. If I can stay off the injured list I hope to finish the Rocket City Marathon in December of this year.  I started out walking, then moved up to running 30 seconds/walking a couple of minutes for half an hour.  I’m up to five miles, walking only 6 out of 61 minutes!


Mother of: 2 + one due 11/10
I ran like a mother: 6 months and 2 days after having my second child. At the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon, I not only qualified for Boston but took my marathon PR from a 3:59 to a 3:36:41. I’m a believer in the faster after kids notion! It’s easier to push myself and not skip runs knowing that my opportunities to get out there are limited.


Mother of: 2 girls
I started running: in July 2010 to lose weight and get healthier. I’ve made great progress on both. Only 3 months after I started running, I completed my first half marathon in Portland on 10-10-10. I think I’m in love!



Mother of: 2 “awesome girls”
I am lucky because: I have a speedy metabolism and good genes, but before running, I felt very weak and emotionally tired. I run to feel strong and empowered.

Mother of: boy/girl twins
I started with the Couch to 5K program: and 6 months later earned my 1st running medal at the 30th Broad Street Run in PhillyRunning gave me my confidence back after four long years of the infertility rollercoaster wiped my self-esteem to below zero.

Mother of: 3
My kids are: all boys. Therefore, I always run in pink.


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